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Personalizing Your Dual Sport Motorcycle: 2019 Husqvarna FE 450

I like the more recent KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles. Due to the fact 2017, KTM and Husqvarna bikes have been the bikes to have for twin sport and path driving for most of us. Unlike a lot of, even so, I am not too keen on the 500/501 model for different reasons—the principal a single staying the vibration. It is enough to lead to my prescription goggle inserts and eyeballs to vibrate, impairing my eyesight. Enter the 2019 Husqvarna FE 450.

Stock 2019 Husqvarna FE 450.

2019 was the previous yr of the 450 sequence, at least at the time, and just what I was hunting for. I managed to obtain an out-of-point out lower-hour applied illustration and experienced it transported to me in Los Angeles. However, the pandemic hit, and having a VIN inspection to sign up it for street use in California had to be put on hold. So, the 2019 Husqvarna FE 450 received a whole lot of tender loving treatment when waiting around until eventually the CHP would examine my bicycle.

“Why the 450, and not the 500/501?” I’m generally asked. As outlined, the vibration is considerably less. Rumor has it that the for a longer time-stroke 500/501 shares the same counterbalance as the 450, which is possibly why the for a longer time-stroke 500/501 is these a shaker. The other motive is revability. The 450 motor would seem to rev a bit quicker and bigger than the 500/501. It’s extra like an MX bike—yeah, I know, not even close.

So, the 450 it is for me. Up coming is a trip to the tailor!

I am six-foot-a few and 250 pounds—270 pounds, geared up with a backpack. These are not quantities that perform friendly with the ergonomics and suspension of a inventory dual-sport bike.

My program with other bikes has often been to elevate the seat, decrease the pegs, increase the handlebar, and bring the grips closer to the rider. I know, this would seem counterintuitive for a very long, tall rider, but it enables my shorter-than-regular arms for my height to feel extremely cozy.

The seat is a Seat Concepts Tall XL consolation seat with about a quarter inch of 45-durometer neoprene additional to the delivered foam package. I like neoprene, as it is firm, nevertheless really comfy—no troubles with chafing from a far too-soft foam! The package, as well as my additional padding, was very easily mounted with an air-stapler gun.

The handlebar is inventory, with the Urmosi 720 SBC comfortable bar clamp anti-vibration system holding it in put. A Scotts Functionality Steering Stabilizer and the further 20mm of riser get the bar height just proper. The Urmosi clamps had to be modified a little bit to in shape the Scotts steering damper a brief excursion to the community machinist to get rid of about 1.5mm of aluminum did the trick. To secure my hands and levers, I mounted Cycra Probend Racer Pack handguards and bar clamp mounts.

The footpegs ended up a bit trickier to get completed. I have tried out numerous pegs that declare to lower the height. On the other hand, even 7mm is just not plenty of for me and my 65-calendar year-aged knees. I went with Bosley’s Pegs. Bosley’s will make any variety of stainless steel footpeg you want, and position, any fall, and any sizing, for underneath $200 delivered. Working out of the Czech Republic, about an hour from Brno, Bosley’s does great perform at a deal rate.

With the footpegs reduced 20mm straight down, the shifter experienced to be repositioned, as did the brake pedal. Fortunately, Husqvarna lets lots of adjustment vary ahead of it touches the frame. An oversize idea would make it quick to uncover.

The way the FE runs inventory is to be expected, with all the bureaucratic constraints these times. There are many methods to accomplish a far better functioning bike, all of them essentially rendering the 2019 Husqvarna FE 450 “closed-system only” in the eyes of the law. I selected the Vortex Eu with a bar-mounted map change.

The Vortex fixes the flame-out and flat-location concerns that the stock bikes have because of to emissions standards, whilst at the exact same time enhancing in general electricity, torque, throttle response, and rev speed. Even though the Vortex arrives with many map selections, when paired with a good circulation-through muffler, only maps 1 and 4, and perhaps map 6, have any true-earth improvement for my riding.

I selected the Graves Motorsports slip-on muffler just after initially seeking the FMF Q4 Hex. I choose the Graves’ performance, durability, throttle response, and appearance. I paired it with the Graves Twin Sport Development Throttle Tube and ProTaper MX Pillow Leading grips.

Okay, so now the 2019 Husqvarna FE 450 matches me, no for a longer period coughs and sputters, and has a pleasant bark to the electrical power. We nonetheless have to deal with the weighty rider’s result on the stock suspension!

I selected the pricy choice of modifying out the guts of the inventory WP Xplor suspension with the Xplor Fork OC Conversion Bundle from N2Filth. Brian at N2Grime offers a full update from a one-function damping/spring fork to a dual-damping, dual-spring technique. Comparable mods have been finished to the shock, along with a bladder improve for greater reduced-pace traction. I also had AHM Factory Solutions do a refined re-springing and re-valving to get the shock to really feel just correct for me.

The now-personalized 2019 Husqvarna FE 450 got my preferred tire combinations—Golden Tyre 216AA 90/100 x 21 front and IRC M5B Evo 130/80 x 18 rear. With the pinch-flat-resistant Nuetech Tubliss program, the outcome is a dual-sport motorcycle that genuinely sticks to the ground, gobbling up terrain without having taxing my growing older backbone.

Rounding out the establish are a couple extra additions:

This custom 2019 Husqvarna FE 450 create was enjoyable and successful and drawn from 25 yrs of experimenting with what operates finest for my dimensions, capabilities, and using parts, additionally which models are efficient and reliable. Many thanks to Mike Spurgin at Taco Moto for his wonderful products testing and betting, creating some choices a no-brainer.

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