September 29, 2023

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Day Might 24(Wed) to 26(Fri), 2023
Venue PACIFICO Yokohama
(1-1-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama)
Booth No. 73


Date May 17(Wed) to June 7(Wed), 2023

NTN Company (hereafter, NTN) displays at “AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPOSITION 2023 YOKOHAMA” to be held from May perhaps 24 to 26 in PACIFICO Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.

The desired requirements for automotive components are changing substantially as the shift to electrification of vehicles and the distribute of EVs have been accelerating in the automotive market place. Reflecting these current market traits, NTN will exhibit at the occasion underneath the theme of “‘Nameraka’ × ‘Solution’ -Contribute to creation of the future in human, auto, and culture-” to suggest NTN’s proprietary solutions for the long run. We will show goods and services in the three regions of the booth: “items for e-Axle”, “merchandise for drivetrain”, and “items for command technique” these kinds of as electrical hydraulic brake procedure, steer-by-wire and so forth.

In the “e-axle” Space, we will introduce merchandise for e-Axle which is made use of as a driving resource in EVs. e-Axle will become more compact and its output electrical power also turns into greater towards the extension of the cruising selection and conserving electrical power. Therefore bearings for e-Axle are necessary to attain superior pace rotational efficiency. In addition, the bearings also have to have to tackle to electrical pitting. It is a person of the damages of bearings happened when electrical latest passes by the bearing and the metallographic framework melts, triggering spalling (flaking) of raceway surface area. In addition, the bearings are also essential to deal with creep*1. Creep turns into far more probable to occur, as the motor housing will become thinner. At the NTN booth, we will show merchandise that fulfill utilization cases unique to e-Axle such as Superior Speed Deep Groove Ball Bearings which achieves the world’s best degree in higher pace rotational overall performance with dmn benefit*2 of 2.2 million, electrical pitting-resistant bearings utilizing insulators, and “Creepless Bearing” which stops creep for the 1st time in the sector.

In the “Drivetrain” Location, we will exhibit hub bearings and driveshafts that go after transmission efficiency. They are merchandise with high operate utilizing systems that NTN has cultivated so significantly: “Low Friction Hub Bearing” that achieves lower friction by reviewing greases and seals, High Effectiveness Mounted Style CVJ “CFJ” that significantly minimizes torque reduction, Compact Lightweight Rear Driveshaft “R Collection” that realizes light-weight with dedicated structure for rear, and “GEN4 Hub Joint” that integrates hub bearing with driveshaft which NTN features higher market share.

In the “Handle technique” Space, NTN will introduce numerous products that add to electrification of programs these types of as auxiliaries and brakes. In addition to ball screws employed in electrical braking devices, we will also show higher efficiency module solutions this sort of as “Mechanical Clutch Unit (MCU) for Up coming-generation Steering” which contributes to basic safety in steering in automatic driving, and “Merged Controller Module Electric Oil Pump” which adapts to a large assortment of operating ailments with lightweight and compact structure.

NTN also reveals at “AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPOSITION Online Phase 1” held from May well 17 to June 7 in which we will introduce the very same products exhibited at “AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPOSITION 2023 YOKOHAMA” with photographs, panels and other individuals.

We search ahead to seeing you at the function.

  1. Phenomenon in which the preset outer ring slips by rotating in circumferential direction
  2. An indicator that expresses the rotational performance of bearings and is multiplied bearing pitch circle diameter (mm) by rotational pace (min-1)