November 28, 2023

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New 2023 Kawasaki KLR650S Variant On the Way

Kawasaki shocked us all a 12 months ago when it brought back again the KLR650, resurrecting the venerable journey bike with fuel injection, up-to-date styling, and a new a single-piece frame.

For the U.S., the third-era KLR650 was obtainable in a number of different flavors, the base product, the Traveler design with a top rated scenario and the Journey product with facet conditions, auxiliary lighting and motor guards, not to point out Abs variations of the base and Journey types.

Kawasaki Australia presented two variations for 2022, the KLR650 (design code KL650F) and the KLR650 Experience (model code KL650H).

In Australia, Kawasaki available just two versions for 2022, the base product and the KLR650 Adventure, both with Abdominal muscles. For 2023, on the other hand, Kawasaki seems to be making ready a new, third selection. The proof arrives to us from a new update to Australian motor vehicle certifications for the KLR650. A June 16 update additional a 3rd marketing designation for KLR650S.

The doc even now only outlined aspects for the KLR650 and KLR650 Journey, with no clue of how the KLR650S will differ from its siblings. The segment detailing the motor vehicle identification range does affirm a third variant. The significant clue is the character in the VIN’s seventh posture. The very first VIN code with the “F” stands for the foundation product KLR650 even though the 2nd code with the “H” represents the KLR650 Adventure.

The Australian VIN specifics propose the KLR650S will go by the design code KL650K.

The “K” product is new, and we can rule out the probability of it remaining for a person of the variants presented in the U.S. As outlined in Kawasaki’s U.S.-marketplace model 12 months 2023 VIN decoder below, the current KLR650 variants use the letters “F”, “G”, “H”, “J” and “L” in the seventh situation. That leaves us with the conclusion that the KLR650S will adopt the model code KL650K and be an all-new variant.

We are still left with two lingering questions: a) how will the KLR650S differ from the others? and b) will it be supplied outdoors Australia? Unfortunately, we really do not have any clues that can lose mild on possibly secret.

We could infer that the “S” represents possibly an entry-stage, or even a “street” product, but Australia previously recognizes the existing KLR650 as a rookie bike less than its “Learner Authorised Motorcycles Scheme” (LAMS), although a road-biased variation appears to be antithesis to the complete issue of the KLR650. The S does carry to thoughts the Vulcan S, which Kawasaki positions as a “sport cruiser”. A sportier KLR variant may well be a possibility, but at that stage, we’re venturing far more into the Versys 650‘s territory.

The Australian VIN information have the letter “P” in the tenth posture. This usually indicates the design year, with P indicating a 2023 product. We suspect Kawasaki will announce the KLR650S in the months in advance, at the very least, for Australia. We’ll have to hold out and see if Kawasaki will present the KLR650S anywhere else.

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