January 27, 2023

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LiDAR Now Superior on Automotive Marketplace Radar

LiDAR shipments are envisioned to cross 100 million units by 2030 driven by the automotive industry. The increase in demand for LiDAR will match the enhance in demand from customers for ADAS and automated driving in passenger vehicles and robotaxis. As the range of LiDAR sensors for each motor vehicle boosts, reaching a likely utmost of eight models to empower fully autonomous driving, the LiDAR sector is predicted to develop at a CAGR of 65.9%  to arrive at $15 billion by 2030.

Amount 3 and previously mentioned automatic driving will involve a fusion of LiDAR, radar and camera sensors. While a number of organizations, like Tesla and Wayve, will look to make autonomous driving thriving without having LiDAR, most vehicle makers, like Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, BMW, Stellantis, Volkswagen and Volvo, have by now announced their intention to contain LiDAR in their sensor suites for ADAS/Advertisement in forthcoming car models.

The most important menace to LiDAR comes from substitute technologies this kind of as cameras and equipment eyesight. A smaller selection of corporations consider that vision-dependent techniques are adequate to help autonomous driving. This can hamper the development of LiDAR as the expense of switching to more affordable vision-based mostly solutions is fairly reduced.

Automotive LiDAR marketplace

The current LiDAR industry is crowded as a lot more than 70-80 corporations are working globally, focusing on distinct industries and locations. From 2020 onwards, a complete of 9 companies – Velodyne, Luminar, Aeva, Ouster, Innoviz, Aeye, Indie Semiconductor, Quanergy and Cepton – have declared listing of shares as a result of SPAC mergers.

Valeo’s Scala is the world’s 1st mass-developed LiDAR for autos. In 2021, Mercedes-Benz and Honda launched Amount 3 models S-Course and Legend respectively. Equally are equipped with Scala LiDAR. Given that 2017, Valeo has transported extra than 170,000 LiDAR models.

In accordance to a Counterpoint examine, the benefit of the automotive LiDAR sector reached about $100 million in 2021 as automobile companies which includes Toyota, Honda and Chinese businesses like Xpeng introduced models geared up with LiDAR. Numerous automobile OEMs have signed discounts with LiDAR suppliers for their upcoming models. Chinese automakers are at the forefront in moving into this sort of partnerships.

Potential of automotive LiDAR marketplace

According to Counterpoint’s World Autonomous Passenger Automobile Forecast, by 2025, 10% of the new automobiles offered globally will have Degree 3 driving capabilities. Designed marketplaces like the US and Europe will have a greater proportion of Degree 3 vehicles and will very first see the entry of Amount 4 vehicles (issue to regulatory approval). This indicates LiDAR has a appreciable advancement possibility as Degree 3 and previously mentioned cars and trucks will reach the mass industry in unison by 2030. According to Counterpoint’s Automotive LiDAR Market place Developments and Implications, 2022 study, the LiDAR sector is envisioned to increase from $.1 billion in 2021 to above $15 billion and around 100 million units shipped in 2030.


Just after the initial use of LiDAR in the automotive section, it took more than 5 decades for LiDAR to make it to a creation auto and it even now has not been productive at achieving wide current market penetration. But it is early times and the scope for LiDAR is sizeable. We think that regardless of the slow first diffusion, LiDAR adoption will collect tempo.


For more insights and analyses on the Automotive LiDAR Marketplace, be sure to refer to Automotive LiDAR Market place Trend and Implications, 2022, which captures the recent and long run LiDAR developments, LiDAR expense, and threats to LiDAR in the automotive industry.