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Arai Contour-X Review [Motorcycle Helmet Test]

The Arai Contour-X is the most current lid to sign up for the Japanese maker’s lineup and fills an all-essential part within just its latest range—a sporty entire-experience helmet intended for the day-to-day grind. Nestling alone up coming to the race-completely ready flagship Corsair-X, the Contour-X casts a large internet by bringing new aerodynamic features and a raft of creature comforts into the fold, building it a clever selection for these out on the highway. As with all factors Arai, the tale begins with the handmade outer shell that utilizes the brand’s legendary egg-inspired, sleek, and round R75 layout to assistance dissipate affect vitality by glancing off blows. With no flat or angular surfaces to capture on the floor through a tumble, Arai thinks its wearers stand a increased chance of gracefully skipping across the tarmac, instead than hooking up on road blocks and sustaining additional injury.There is adjust afoot at the Japanese company, while not when it comes to protection. For much more than seven a long time, Arai has relied on the shell to bear the brunt of effect absorption and is constantly tweaking its formulas or products to assure the suitable equilibrium between strength and flexibility. The DOT- and Snell-accredited lid employs the exact same Peripherally Belted Elaborate Laminate Building (PB-cLc2) as fellow higher-tier Quantum-X, Signet-X, and Corsair-X helmets, incorporating a couple of updates in its laminated fiberglass shell.The Contour-X rolls out a new Z-Compound resin and AR mat, which is stated to shave body weight although also accomplishing its lofty safety testing plans. As a reminder, Arai doesn’t just fulfill protection expectations the loved ones-owned organization endeavor to exceed them radically—for extra on that, verify out our take a look at to Arai’s facility in Japan. Whilst the Contour-X borrows from the Regent-X fairly a bit, it is a couple of ounces lighter. The Medium recommendations the scales at 3 lbs . 5 ounces.Should really any strength make it earlier the shell, which is where Arai’s handmade multi-density EPS liner comes into the photo. Every single coloration band signifies a distinctive foam density, which engineers strategically location all over the liner. Large-risk zones use harder-density materials, whilst other places decide for softer variants.What would make the Contour-X appealing is that it makes use of web pages from each the Regent-X and Corsair-X playbooks and then adds lots of its very own notes to the margins. First, the chin bar’s Hyper Ridge is redesigned and features a lot more of an aerodynamic swish that leaves a flat mounting surface area on the aspect for conversation products. Higher than all else, the helmet opening is 5mm wider to make squeezing into this lid easier—just like the Regent-X.That delivers us to the Contour’s racier visual appeal, as it is endowed with a sizable spoiler inspired by the optional DF-X2 offered for the Corsair-X. In addition, the decrease rear exhausts are pronounced in the title of slicing by way of the air. A few spirited runs on the Yamaha MT-10 SP proved that spoiler keeps items good and steady, with no lift or headshake—what you’d assume from it staying positioned as Arai’s sensibly sporty helmet.Arai Contour-X Review: MSRPOf study course, you could be inquiring if this spoiler violates Arai’s egg-motivated design and style rules. According to Arai, it does not. All spoilers or adjustable vents are engineered to sheer off and reveal a clean shell during an unplanned exit from your steed. Word to the wise—don’t carry your Contour-X by the spoiler, as it is designed to break away.The Variable Axis Program (VAS) mounting plates for the faceshield are situated reduce to permit more shell protection of a rider’s temples. Arai states that, on regular, this resolution nets an more 24mm of clean shell true estate, therefore, higher safety. But, eyesight out of the eyeport is fantastic, with unobstructed peripheral eyesight that lets riders to preserve a obvious perspective of the road.Toolless faceshield swaps are speedily accomplished as soon as you have acquired the motions down, but there is a bit of “wax-on, wax-off” before you get there. To keep away from confusion, we endorse examining out this handy video clip from Arai Americas that provides apparent recommendations.The acquainted two-phase protect-locking system is still with us. Lifting the faceshield necessitates a bit of dexterity and a scooping motion that can be tough. All over again, a little bit of “wax on, wax off” is required here, but you’ll get it. Slapping the faceshield down is simple more than enough tapping the lever will leave it cracked for excess airflow at reduced velocity.The VAS-V faceshield is practically ubiquitous with Arai full-confront road helmets, so you can swap with latest-era Arais and save some coin if you’re presently an Arai devotee. Various tints and the Professional Shade faceshield are readily available, also.Two modest faceshield eyebrow air inlets are normal honest listed here and rather powerful, which are crucial to the Japanese model as they protect against more cutting into the shell or EPS liner. A Pinlock Max Eyesight 120 anti-fog insert is delivered and performs excellently, getting worn the Contour-X in downpours.The Contour-X’s interior is nothing at all small of a 5-star lodging for your noggin, with the new antimicrobial brushed nylon padding providing a certainly high-class truly feel. As talked about just before, the more substantial helmet opening helps make squeezing in and out of it a breeze and is a departure from the limited race in shape seen on racetrack-oriented helmets these as the Corsair-X. When you have taken up home in the Contour-X, you are going to relaxation quick versus supple but supportive Facial Contour Program cheek pads, accessible in various thicknesses to wonderful-tune healthy.Substantially of the interior is derived from the Regent, and the charming consolation we have knowledgeable with that helmet even now rings accurate. However, the Contour-X sits farther up in the Arai hierarchy. The cheek pads now aspect an Emergency Launch Program, speaker pockets, and wire routing in the neck roll—the Regent cannot assert the exact.Arai Contour-X Review: PriceAs regular, Arai is 1 of the number of brand names that caters to these who wear glasses. The cheek pads give aid in the foam to accommodate even the chunkiest thick-rimmed spectacles.Sound amounts seem rather operate-of-the-mill for the Japanese manufacturer, though I really should remind viewers that I usually put on earplugs. Your exclusive head condition often influences how a great deal sounds reaches your ears.Arai Contour-X Review: For Sale Since we’re discussing in shape, we should take note that the Contour-X is an intermediate oval condition and a total array of measurements is available, from XS to XXL. Verify Arai sizing specs and do the job with an authorized dealer to assure you’re deciding on the correct helmet for your head.That is just the idea of the iceberg when it arrives to consolation, as air flow is very little brief of exceptional, thanks to 13 air flow ports—seven consumption and 6 exhaust. Nearly all the vents are quick to manipulate with a gloved hand, with major marks heading to the multi-position chin vent and Formulation 1-derived teardrop vents up major.Arai Contour-X Review: AirflowThe raised two-situation 3D Arai-emblem vent is new for the manufacturer and will work exceptionally very well at city speeds. Regardless of its lifted style and design, this is the only vent I obtain challenging to open up although driving due to the limited selection of motion between open up and shut. And of course, it is intended to sheer off when getting in contact with the floor, just like the relaxation of the trapped-on bits.Opening each individual vent a person by a person reveals the volume of good airflow introduced to the table, which is definitely extraordinary. Of program, if air is introduced in, it should also go out. Incredibly hot air is pulled out the rear by way of adjustable exhaust ports below the spoiler and often-open exhausts at the back again and in the neck roll.Arai Contour-X Review: VentsStarting up at $740 for standard good colors, the Contour-X offers a premium match, complete, and great craftsmanship that we have arrive to assume from Arai and flexes a corresponding value. There are minimal particular quibbles with the locking system and vent adjusters, but that doesn’t detract from the too much to handle listing of positives the Arai Contour-X features for the regular sport-riding fanatic.Arai Contour-X Rapid Info

  • Measurements: XS – XXL
  • Condition: Intermediate oval
  • Certifications: DOT, Snell
  • Body weight: 3 lbs 5 ounces (Medium)

Arai Contour-X Colors/Prices:

  • Foundation reliable colour: $740
  • Top quality good shade: $750
  • Regular graphic: $890
  • Duplicate graphic: $900