September 29, 2023

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Advance Auto Parts Did Too Much Too Fast On the Dividend

1 way that a enterprise can reward its shareholders is by paying a dividend. But quite commonly, dividends conclusion up becoming slash, which is not significantly shareholder-welcoming. There is certainly a wonderful line that has to be walked to assure that a dividend is sustainable.

Advance Auto Sections (AAP 5.21%) tripped in excess of that line and ended up slicing its dividend by over 80%. This is why traders ought to have observed difficulty on the horizon — and what to appear for at other companies, as well.

The numbers were being large

Progress Car Elements, which operates a chain of aftermarket car elements retailers, started out 2019 paying a quarterly dividend of $.06 for every share. In the final quarter of that 12 months, it increased the dividend to $.25 for every share. Which is a enormous boost in the two complete and share phrases. But the board of directors was not performed.

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4 quarters afterwards, the quarterly dividend was greater again, to $1.00 for each share. That is one more huge hike on each an absolute and percentage basis. But just 3 quarters soon after that enhance there was another large leap, this time to $1.50 for every share for each quarter. Though not quite as large as the before dividend hikes, it was even now a really massive improve. In truth, a 10% yearly improve is usually thought of quite powerful. A 50% hike like the last a single (the smallest of the three!) is unusually generous.

In point, between the start out of 2019 and the conclude of 2022, just a four-year interval, the dividend elevated a stunning 2,400%. Test out the graph underneath — that is not a typo. It would be easy to understand if dividend traders have been enthusiastic by the potential customers of having in on a company that suddenly looked like a dividend advancement machine. That huge advancement more than this kind of a short period of time of time, however, should really have been a warning signal to dig a minor further.

Chart showing Advance Auto Parts' dividend rising an extraordinary 2,400% from 2019 to 2023.

AAP Dividend Per Share (Quarterly) information by YCharts

Points get restricted

A single of the important metrics that dividend buyers observe is the payout ratio, or how a lot of earnings is becoming pushed to traders in the variety of dividends. Decrease numbers are frequently preferable, as they reveal that a business can quickly include its dividend payment. Advance Vehicle Parts’ payout ratio was a really lower 4% in 2019. It rose to a much much more troubling 77% in 2022.

In some industries, a significant payout ratio just isn’t something to get as well upset about. And, with a ratio nevertheless under 100%, Advance Auto Elements was equipped to protect its dividend payments with earnings. The real warning was the dramatic alter in the payout ratio about these kinds of a short period of time of time. Not only was there minor space for more improves, but the payout ratio didn’t leave substantially space for adversity if the company’s enterprise suddenly faced headwinds.

When curiosity fees commenced to increase, Advance Automobile Sections slammed into a brick wall. For illustration, a brief glance at the company’s earnings assertion shows that its interest prices more than doubled year over calendar year in the to start with quarter of 2023, likely from $12.8 million to $29.7 million. Moments interest acquired, which appears to be at a company’s potential to pay out its trailing curiosity costs, fell significantly about the previous yr — even however leverage, as calculated by the financial debt-to-equity ratio, didn’t really alter all that considerably.

Chart showing Advance Auto Parts' times interest earned falling, payout ratio rising, and debt-to-equity ratio staying level since 2021.

AAP Times Interest Attained (TTM) information by YCharts

All in, the retailer’s means to assistance its dividend was evidently weakening. These are signs that clearly show up all over again and once more prior to dividend cuts. The massive change here is that Advance Automobile Pieces selected to go down this route by raising the dividend so considerably so swiftly, which it definitely failed to have to do.

Most traders would very likely have been delighted if it experienced just amplified the dividend 5% or 10% a 12 months (which would have resulted in a dividend of all over $.09 per share per quarter right after four annual improves). That would have remaining the enterprise with a lot of space to continue paying, and potentially even rising, the dividend today. 

Question almost everything

When it comes to dividends, investors generally have to question regardless of whether the tale is much too great to be genuine — for the reason that commonly it is. Often the issue is a produce that is so significant that it is unsustainable. In the case of Progress Car Elements, the speedy dividend growth was a story that could not last. In the conclusion, the inventory crashed when the dividend was slash in the facial area of business adversity, one thing that every solitary enterprise ultimately faces.

The fantastic thing about tales like this, on the other hand, is that you can learn from them and utilize the lessons to long term investments. Too a great deal dividend development also speedy ought to be treated with skepticism. A rapid improve in the payout ratio is a warning of raising dividend chance. And leverage and fascination fees should not be ignored, simply because the quickest way to no cost up hard cash for interest expenditures and financial debt reduction is often chopping the dividend.